Zambia Hunting

Zambia is one of Mark's Exclusive Adventure’s favorite destinations for that “Classic” safari experience, be it a 7 day buffalo hunt or 21 days to include elephant or both big cats. A Zambian safari will fulfill your safari dreams.

Zambia is a landlocked southern Africa country that lies between Tanzania to the north and Zimbabwe to the south. It is a country of diverse habitat encompassing swamps, floodplains, riverine thickets and mopane woodland offering a great variety of game including some species such as Cookson’s wildebeest, Kafue lechwe, black lechwe, and Crawshay’s defassa waterbuck not found anywhere else. Zambia is also the only country where the much sort after Zambezi sitatunga is huntable.

Mark's Exclusive Adventures represents safari companies operating on the Kafue and Luangwa rivers, as well as the Bangweulu swamp/floodplain, Kafue flats and Tondwa. This allows us to offer all the wonderful adventures Zambia has available.

Luangwa River Valley

The Luangwa has to be one of the most fertile game areas in Africa, and our preferred operator in this region hunts a vast area of 631,000 acres. The river itself has an amazing concentration of hippo and crocodile, allowing a hunter to have both available on even a short buffalo hunt. The habitat along the river teems with game and a very healthy population of big cats. Lions readily come to bait and success rates are excellent. Leopard densities are such that daylight sighting are not uncommon and having several cats feeding on baits simultaneously is common. Buffalo are plentiful and particularly in late season large herds can be encountered. Elephant are abundant and just recently have once again appeared on the Zambian trophy fee list. The Luangwa is also home to the Cookson’s wildebeest that occurs only in the Luangwa valley, puku that are huntable only in Zambia and Tanzania, plus an array of common species such as kudu, waterbuck, impala, warthog, grysbok, common duiker and hyena.

Kafue River

On the Kafue, we work with a smaller operation offering superb hunting on 40,000 acres of private property. We can offer lower hunt rates in this area because it is privately owned, resulting in less government fees.

The Kafue is noted for huge maned lion, good leopard, big sable, and roan. You will also find the Crawshay’s waterbuck unique only to Zambia, as well as Lichenstein’s hartebeest, kudu, impala, warthog, crocodile, hippo and several others.

Bangweulu swamp and Kafue Flats

Both of these areas can be included as a short add-on to collect the black lechwe and tseesbe. The best tseebe in Africa are found at the Bangweulu swamp or the Kafue lechwe on the Kafue flats. A longer hunt can also be arranged to include the Zambezi sitatunga.


Tondwa is an area in the very north of Zambia covering about 11,000 acres of wet lands and plains in an extinct volcano. This area offers an excellent opportunity to take the Zambezi sitatunga, with nearly a 100% success rate over the years. Roan, sable, Lichenstein’s hartebeest, puku and others are all available here on a very unique safari.