Tanzania Hunting

Tanzania has been the crown jewel of hunting in East Africa ever since Kenya closed in the 1970’s. It was always very good but didn’t get the publicity that Kenya received. It is the only country to really experience “Old Africa” in this day and age. It also is the only country offering all the unique East African species. Tanzania has a huge diversity of game available but these unique plains game animals only found in Tanzania’s Masailand are what make Tanzania a special destination. Nowhere else will you find huntable numbers of Robert’s gazelle, Thomson’s gazelle, white bearded wildebeest, fringe eared oryx, East African eland, bushbuck and greater kudu, Coke’s hartebeest, side striped hyena and the list goes on.

I represent a long time safari operator that can offer every single one of these Masailand species on one safari. To my knowledge no other operator in Tanzania can provide them all. The hunt would be of fourteen days duration and be conducted on three different concessions. With a little luck and good shooting you should have an opportunity to take everything.

Accommodations are exactly what you’d expect from the Classic East African safari with the best of everything available to make you comfortable. A safari in Tanzania is a very special experience that you’ll want to do again.

This is far from an inexpensive safari but there is no substitute for it if you want the specialty Masailand species.

Tanzania is a choice destination for your next Exclusive Adventure!