South African Hunting


The Republic of South Africa is a large country covering the whole southern tip of the African continent with the Indian Ocean on the Eastern coast and the Atlantic on the west. The environment ranges from arid desert to lush forest and everything in between. This diverse environment allows for a huge array of huntable animals including several found nowhere else such as the Vaal rhebok, bontebok, mountain reedbuck, Cape bushbuck, Cape kudu and Cape grysbok. In addition to these specialties South Africa offers probably the best nyala in Africa, all the more common plains game species found in southern Africa plus all the “Big 5”. It’s possible in South Africa to pursue almost anything you could think of.

South Africa really shines in its ability to produce high quality and relatively low cost plains game hunts. South Africa hosts more plains game hunts than all of the rest of Africa combined. A hunter can expect to take 10 or more good trophies on a typical 10 day safari and have excellent accommodations and great service. Family safaris are the norm with safari operators able to provide hunting or other activities to make the safari a great vacation for even the non-hunter.

One of our preferred operators in South Africa has been in the business since the 70’s and can offer all the species available there. We’ve hunted with him for elephant to duikers and he consistently produces one 4 star experience after another. Nobody does it better. Family safaris are his specialty and everybody will have fun.

Mark's Exclusive Adventures has recently established a business relationship with another RSA safari operator. So many of the RSA outfits are essentially offering the same thing I have avoided partnering with any additional safari companies there. This operation is quite different in that all its plains game plus buffalo and elephant are not hunted on fenced properties. The Plains game is all offered on huge un-fenced conservancies ranging in size from 150,000-450,000 acres. The animals with the exception of a couple of species that were resident before the conservancies were formed are all indigenous to the environment you’ll find them in. The buffalo and elephant are hunted on the border of the Kruger Park and the hunting area is open to the park on three sides. All this gives a very genuine African experience.