Newfoundland Hunting

Newfoundland is a sparsely populated and very wild island off Canada's East coast with the densest moose population in all of North America. The Caribou there are the Woodland variety and only found on Newfoundland. Black bear are plentiful and often grow very large. The moose hunting in Newfoundland is the least expensive in North America and hunters are historically 90%+ successful. Caribou are offered on limited quota but success is also virtually assured with good shooting. Black bears can be hunted in the fall spot and stalk as a target of opportunity and baited in the spring with a nearly a 100% shooting opportunity. MEA's operator in Newfoundland has been in business for 15 years and the owner a guide for 25 years. He grew up in the same country he hunts where his Dad was the Conservation officer for 34 years. These folks understand their business very well and how to hunt the country.

Hunting can be tailored to any level of physical ability. If you can hike in somewhat rough country you'll do a spot and stalk plus calling during the rut for the moose and caribou. The area is very well watered so hunting from a boat is also possible and can be very productive.

Boats or ATV's will be used to retrieve your meat and trophy so no packing is required. Camps are very nice with the main lodge having all the comforts of home with private rooms, full baths, electricity, phone and TV. The remote camps are cabins with real beds, gas refrigerator plus range, electricity and showers. The accommodations for North American hunts are pretty uptown.

The hunt is conducted in the Long Range mountains in the North of the island. Deer Lake that can be reached easily through Toronto or Halifax is the jumping off place if you fly in. It is completely possible and quite a few hunters do drive up particularly from the North Eastern part of the US or the Maritime provinces. Our operator has two adjacent hunitng areas. One is accessible by vehicle and a good spot for the hunter wanting to drive up and bring all his meat back. The other area is accessible only by aircraft and is the best destination for those that fly into Deer Lake. For those flying in to Deer Lake arrangements can be made to ship your meat and trophy to you via refrigerated truck at a fairly economical price. Mark is doing a moose hunt with four of his hunters this coming fall and will make a report on his return. Expectations are for everyone to be successful and a great time to be had by all.

The last week of Sept and the first week of Oct are prime time for the moose rut and and a moose/caribou combo. Caribou rut a little later so prime time hunting for them can be conducted through Oct.

Price is all inclusive of charter to your camp round trip, lic/tag and 1x1 hunting.

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