Namibia Hunting


Namibia is a mostly arid country in Southwest Africa. It is home to the unique desert species such as gemsbok, Cape eland and springbok, as well as the diminutive Damara dik-dik and Hartemann’s mountain zebra found only in Namibia. Namibia also offers a variety of more common game. There is limited dangerous game hunting available in some of the northern areas of the country, but Namibia is best known for its excellent plains game hunting.

Mark's Exclusive Adventures works with two safari operators in Namibia. Both operations offer all the indigenous species found in their area. One outfit hunts its own family property consisting of two 20,000 acre low fenced parcels. The other has 175,000 acres made up of their own family property and other private property where they have the hunting rights. Some of this is game is fenced and some is open country. Hunting is excellent with good trophy quality and even on a 7 day hunt you should expect 5 or more nice trophies.

Accommodations are private and very comfortable in the ranch house or in separate cottages on the property. The food is excellent.

Mark's Exclusive Adventures can arrange any length of stay a hunter might want. We can also organize a photographic tour and adventure to the coast or Etosha Park if desired.

For a hassle free and economical African experience, let us help you plan your African Exclusive Adventure.