Mozambique Hunting


Mozambique is a long narrow African nation stretching along the SE coast of Africa. It offers hunting for many species in several diverse environments. Mozambique is not as well-known a hunting destination as some of the other Southern African countries, but it is excellent for a number of species. These species are numerous and of superb trophy quality in the right areas.

Mark’s Exclusive Adventures offers a great number of different hunting experiences in Mozambique. From the dry inland forests, to the expansive plain on the delta of the great Zambezi River as it enters the Indian Ocean, MEA can provide a unique Mozambique hunting experience.

One of Mark’s operators, brings with him 30 years of experience, and offers perhaps the best unfenced plains game hunting in Southern Africa. The area is over a million acres of wild and nearly uninhabited forest south of the Zambezi. It has all the indigenous spiral horns found in Mozambique including nyala, kudu, Chobe bushbuck and Livingstone’s eland. Sable and Lichenstein’s hartebeest also occur in good numbers, as well as several more common species. You have to see the warthogs in this area to believe the trophy quality.

This hunt can be combined with a short buffalo hunt on the Delta, thus offering two separate and completely different hunts in one safari. The buffalo are plentiful on the Delta and success is virtually assured.

Further to the West on the shores of the huge Lake Cabora Bassa, we can offer excellent buffalo hunting with bulls of 40” to be expected. Good sable and monster crocodiles are the other specialties of this massive area. One of Mark’s client shot a 15” 6” croc in this area in 2013 and that is one giant lizard.

To the north of the Zambezi we can offer a very specialized buffalo hunt. This is a hunt in the swamps of the Delta, but a much different hunt than found on the delta to the south of the river.

Here you will fly camp in the wilderness and hunt the buffalo completely on foot, just as they were hunted many years ago. This is not a hunt for the average safari hunter, but for a hunter that wants to be completely immersed in the hunt and doesn’t mind roughing a bit. This hunt is not a going to produce a huge trophy, but can be very rewarding for the right hunter.

All our camps other than the before mentioned fly camps are of excellent quality with some rivaling anything found in East Africa.

If you’ve ever contemplated a safari in Mozambique don’t wait. Call Mark and discuss the details.

MArk's Exclusive Adventures Mozambique Hunt 2013