Mexico Hunting

Mexico’s Sonora, as deer hunters know, can produce some incredible trophies of mule and Coues deer but not every ranch offers good hunting nor is the level of service and accommodations equal.

A pretty normal scenario in Mexico would be for a hunter to end up with a guide with limited English, accommodations provided in a bunkhouse affair with little privacy and food of a very basic nature. Some of these ranches have great trophy quality and some not so much.

The operation I represent has great hunting on three ranches comprising over 90,000 contiguous acres. Both mule deer and Coues deer can grow to impressive proportions on these ranches as the genetics are excellent. The ranches are managed for a sustainable harvest that will allow the maintaining of an excellent trophy quality. There will also be no communication problems as all the guides are Americans with many years of experience in Sonora. There will be no confusion in the crucial moments that a buck presents itself about whether it is a shooter or not because the guide could not make himself understood.

Accommodations on these ranches are very nice with private rooms and hot showers plus a comfortable common area. One of my personal friends is a principal in the company and told me the food was the best he had every experienced in any hunting camp anywhere.

Prime time for these hunts is in January so it does not interfere with any big game seasons in the US.

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