Idaho Hunting

We work with a great cat man in Idaho, who has provided 100% success on mountain lion from year to year. These hunts are conducted during the winter, near the Canadian border in the sparsely populated Panhandle of Idaho. Both the houndsman and hounds are very talented and they always get their cat.

This hunt starts around 3 AM, with the outfitter running the old woods roads on snowmobile looking for fresh tracks. At daylight he will call camp, and after breakfast the hunter and assistant guide will bring the dogs and put them on the fresh track, hopefully finding a big Tom.

Accommodations are provided in a very comfortable, large and modern home with all the amenities. There are no more than two hunters in camp at any one time and in most cases there will be only one.

This outfitter has as of now, 2015, partnered with another outfitter and will be offering the full array of Idaho's unit 1 big game including whitetail and mule deer, elk, black bear, wolves as well as superb guaranteed cougar hunts. All tags are OTC with the exception of moose that are on a draw and their new pricing scheme will allow any big game animals that are in season to be taken on a trophy fee basis during your hunt. Hunts are 6 days at a nominal flat fee and you only pay more if you kill or wound and loose one or more animals. So if you are mainly after an elk and see a good black bear you can take it without paying ahead for it.

Idaho Mountain Lion