First Tuskless Permit Hunt Zambia

My preferred operator in Zambia has the first tuskless permits ever to be issued on the Luangwa River in Zambia. These tuskless elephants are available immediately for ’18 and the hope is they will be available for future bookings for’19 and beyond.

Since there has been very limited elephant hunting all along the Luangwa it is not a problem to find a tuskless. Additionally the flat country along the river is much easier going than the Zambezi Valley in Zimbabwe where most tuskless hunting has been conducted up to this point.

This GMA is real wild Africa with an abundance of big cats, good elephant, lots of buffalo plus the river is full of hippo and croc.

The tuskless package is 1×1 5 days only and that is plenty of time for tuskless but if I was going all the way to Zambia I’d want to stay at least 10 days and there are a couple of add-ons that easily round out the safari to 10 days.


1×1 5 days tuskless/PG $12,500 to include daily fee, concession fee and trophy fee for tuskless

Recommended add-ons:

1×1 5 days hippo/croc/PG $6,250 to include daily and concession fees
1×1 5 days Cookson’s wildebeest/PG $6,950 to include daily and concession fee


Dip/pack $1,650
Licenses, gun permit and Conservation fee $1,500
Visa on arrival allow $150
Airport fees allow $200

Trophy fees:

Baboon $120
Bushbuck $900
Crocodile $2,500
Civet $1,250
Common Duiker $450
Grysbok $650
Genet $950
Hippo $2,950
Hyena $1,000
Impala $300
Kudu $2,300
Monkey $100
Puku $850
Warthog $850
Waterbuck $1,750
Cookson’s Wb $3,500
Zebra $1,250

Call me anytime on this unique opportunity.