About Us

Mark Young, Mark's Exclusive Adventures I grew up in coastal Maine and at an early age began hunting and fishing as much as time would allow. In the 80’s I moved to south west Alaska, which allowed me the opportunity to hunt, fish and explore some of the wildest areas on the planet. During the 22 years that I lived in Alaska, my hunting and fishing adventures lead me to numerous prime areas of the state, starting in the Southwest where I lived and extending to Southeast Alaska, Kodiak Island, Alaska Peninsula, plus the Brooks and Alaska mountain ranges. In order to spend more time in the outdoors I started a guided fishing business. Through this business I gained an understanding of what clients expect from a guided adventure and that knowledge is an invaluable tool in the booking agent business.
Early retirement gave me an opportunity to continue my outdoor pursuits, which lead me to settle in Wyoming and continue working as a booking agent. While helping others realize their outdoor goals, I’ve also continued to chase after new adventures and challenges of my own. I have first-hand experience in numerous destinations in Alaska, Canada, the western US, Mexico and 8 African countries.

This year, 2015, saw MEA once again move and this time to Las Vegas. The move to LV will allow us easier access to the big Safari Club International show where we exhibit with Atcheson Taxidermy and Oh, My! The weather.

My years of personal experience, as a hunter and fisherman allow me a unique knowledge to draw on when consulting with clients. My goal is to utilize my personal experience to help each of my present and future clients bring their dreams to fruition.