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Mark’s Exclusive Adventures offers a wide selection of custom made hunting, fishing and photographic adventures. Our team is built on years of experience and our aim is to deliver a level of customer service that is second to none.

Our goal is to provide our clients with an unmatched experience at the best value for the dollar. In pursuit of fulfilling that objective, we have teamed with top-notch outfits in seven African countries, Alaska, Canada, Western US and Mexico.

Pick your destination and we will do the rest. Allow us to assist in planning your first or next Exclusive Adventure.

Tom Hardesty the owner of Atcheson Taxidermy has been Mark's friend for 20 years and most recently a business associate of Mark's Exclusive Adventures. Tom has 45 years experience doing museum quality mounts of everything from tiny antelope species to life size elephants and everything in between. His customer service is second to none and I've (MEA) had many happy clients with him. Call Tom for your simple deer mount or the most elaborate diorama you can imagine. He can handle it all with ease.

Atcheson Taxidermy

Exclusive Adventures News





Mark's Exclusive Adventures is recommending its customers and friends not buy any further Under Armour products. They (UA) have withdrawn their sponsorship of an outdoor TV program that recently featured a perfectly legal black bear hunt utilizing a spear because of anti hunting pressure. You may not like the spear aspect yourself but will sponsors be withdrawing from archery programs next year? One of the only ways we can fight the anti hunters is with our wallets. There are good alternatives to UA. let's use them and send a message to UA. Also you can contact them and express your own personal feelings.
- Mark